Yacon Caramelised Pear & Toffee

1 Ripe but Firm Pear, cut lengthwise
2 Tbsp Yacon Syrup
2 Tbsp Butter

Serve with your favourite cheeseboard combinations ( blue cheese & port recommended)

To Make…

  1. In a saucepan large enough to place the pear halfs “cutside” down, melt the butter and yacon syrup stirring frequently
  2. Add the pears cutside down and reduce to a very gentle simmer , do not burn!
  3. Baste  the pears with the syrup every minute or so until pears are cooked (give when pressed ) and the syrup is thick
  4. Put straight onto a plate spooning thick syrup over pear to cool ( syrup should go toffee like)

Prawn & Yacon Summer Rolls

250g or 1 average Yacon Root
5ml Lemon Juice
250ml Water
250g of fresh other vegetables
eg. beans, cucumber, carrot, capsicum, sprouts
250g of cooked prawns(warm or cold)
6 rice paper wraps

1) Peel and Julienne, or trim all vegetables to create even stick like proportions.

2) Peel and Julienne the yacon root and place in a bowl with the water and lemon juice (Yacon oxidises or goes brown; putting it in water and lemon juice keeps its colour)

3) Assemble by placing the rice paper wraps in warm water as directed on the pack until they are flexible(but not falling apart!) place prawns, yacon and a selection of your vegetables on the wrap and fold in an open envelope style as pictured.

4)Serve with your favourite dipping sauce.


One Response to Recipes

  1. Andrew Ivey says:

    Hi, we tried them for the first time today. Sliced one into a simple smoothie with a couple of Tamarillo which are also coming ripe about now and blitzed in the blender. Simple and was tasty. Looking forward to some other ways too!

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